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Minority Baseball Prospects mission is to promote the game of baseball worldwide by hosting the highest quality events for minority baseball prospects while providing meaningful opportunities and information to minority players, families, MLB organizations, college coaches, and fans.


Minority Baseball Prospects Provides the following:

  • Collaborate with MLB and various other baseball partners to help the game grow.

  • Create baseball fans.

  • Help ensure that minority baseball players are continually encouraged to play baseball.

  • Utilize best practices for the safety and care of baseball players.

  • Host events at best in class facilities and venues.

  • Encourage participation from all ages and areas around the world.

  • Identify, recognize, and provide exposure for minority players and teams.

  • Educate and assist parents, players, and everyone involved in the game of baseball.

MBP Helping Hands

Our Mission

MBP Helping Hands (501c3) is dedicated to providing minority baseball players across the country with access to quality programming and experiences. This support will allow us to empower communities that exemplify excellence and commitment to the game with the resources to reduce cost, increase capacity, access quality equipment and facilities and serve minority baseball prospects worldwide.

Your support will allow us to provide players with the following opportunities and events:

  • Free Youth & Coaches Clinics

  • Programs for minority players such as the HBCU ALL-STAR GAME, All-American Game, Minority College League

  • Uniforms/ Equipment and monetary support for under resourced leagues and teams

To reach our goals we need the support of our community, family, and friends. Thank you in advance for your generosity and assistant in changing the game!

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